Women's Golf Association of Western NY

Since 1922

Promoting amateur golf for women in
Buffalo and Rochester





The Reps meeting was held at Stafford CC
on April 27, 2019.




2019 Officers:


Sharon Johnson, Fox Valley, President
Joy Florczak, Mendon, 1st Vice President
Nancy Saia, Fox Valley, Treasurer
Tammy Blyth, Monroe, Secretary
Ann Marie Luhr, Cherry Hill, Advisor*
Jan Ricci, Durand, Advisor*

  *Former President





Please note that we make every effort to schedule around the two local districts, state and USGA events but we are given very little flexibility by our wonderful host clubs.




It is the responsibility of each member to check this website for the opening and closing of all entries. Reminder emails may not be sent to advise of the opening dates and closing dates for entries.




All gift certificates will be issued for the host club pro shop. You will no longer be able to redeem certificates at the shop of your choice. This change was voted on at the 2011 Spring Meeting.


Honorary Members


Honorary Members may play in one event each year.



Entry Fee Notes

All checks must be drawn on U.S. banks.

Entry fees are non-refundable if a player does not show up or has to cancel. 

New for 2019


Senior Championship

· 55 by 8/5/19

Super Senior Championship

· 65 by 8/5/19


Western will not play 2019 events using the USGA Casual Play Optional Local Rule for OB/Lost Ball. In effect: stroke and distance
(even if  the new casual rule is n effect as a local rule at a host clubs).  View Diagram...


Major Rule Changes Highlighted
by the USGA

~Comparing Old to New~



Objectives & Rules

2019 Calendar

Tournament Guide: Players

Other Local Events


Entries / Pairings / Results

One Day Medal  6/27/19

Four Gal  7/16/19

Championship 8/5 & 8/6/19


Two Gal Two Day  9/24 & 9/25/19





Course Ratings & Reps

Club Rep Duties

Hosting Guide for Reps



Results 2018

One Day Medal-June

Two Gal-Two Day-May